What is a no-chip manicure/pedicure?

A no-chip manicure/pedicure is a natural nail manicure/pedicure that lasts up to 10 days without chipping.


Between coats of polish, the lacquer is "cured" using a special lamp. After the last coat, the nails are cured, and miraculously, they are perfectly dry. This means no more gingerly reaching into your purse for your keys, no more accidental nicks in your polish putting on your coat - nothing! Just shiny, dry, perfect polish every time.


Spa Space's no-chip services use LED lighting to cure the polish rather than UV lighting (which is used by most salons and spas). UV lighting is known to be damaging to the skin over time, with aging side effects. It also takes significantly longer to cure. LED lighting, which is considered safer, more environmentally-friendly, and works much faster, is superior to UV lighting in every way.


Unlike many artificial nails, the no-chip manicure has a completely natural look. Since the product is applied to your natural nail, there is no added thickness to the nail. Your nails will continue to grow - in fact, it is the growth of the natural nails, and not chipping, which will most likely make your manicure look as if it needs refreshing.


One downside of many no-chip systems is that they cause damage to the underlying nail, because the surface of the nails must be filed and "roughed-up" to create a surface to which the product will adhere. The no-chip manicure system used by Spa Space is much gentler on the nails and nail bed, necessitating only a quick buff to allow the polish to adhere.

Faster to Apply

Most no-chip manicures take an hour or more to complete due to outdated UV-curing the Spa Space no-chip manicure can be completed in only 30 minutes including drying time! The shorter time frame is thanks to LED technology, which cures the polish layers in seconds rather than minutes.

Faster to Remove

Removal of the Spa Space no-chip manicure is simple and fast. Some systems require soaking-off of the product for up to 30 minutes, resulting in additional damage to the natural nails. The Spa Space no-chip manicure system is removed gently and easily in just 10 minutes.

Best Color Choices

Whether you want a classic red, a conservative pale shade, or a modern and edgy brownish-gray, all the most popular and current colors are available. And yes, we can do french no-chip manicures!


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